Types Of Shower Doors

- Apr 10, 2017-

By the way of the door switch, shower door is divided into sliding type and hinge type. The early shower doors are rail-mounted, with rails mounted on the base and top edges of the shower room, and the shower doors are embedded in the rails and sliding back and forth on the switch. Because it is easy to fouling on the rails or fall into hard things to clean up, will make the door switch poor and cause damage. And the rail itself has a shorter life expectancy, the noise of the push pull the disadvantages of large, so the high-grade shower door has been widely upgraded to hinge type. Hinge-type shower doors generally adopt a borderless design, the appearance of simple and smooth, popular welcome.

Hinge-type shower door of the weight of the hinge to bear, because the glass door is very heavy, the hinge on the quality requirements are very high, the requirements of corrosion resistance, fatigue, load-bearing strength. There are two different materials in the market hinge: Copper plating hinge and stainless steel die-casting hinge, stainless steel die-casting hinge No matter from appearance, strength, corrosion and so on to be slightly taller, so the more well-known brands often choose stainless steel die-casting hinge, to ensure the use of the shower room safe, prolong service life.