How To Get Water Spots Off Glass Shower Doors

- Jul 13, 2018-

How to get water spots off glass shower doors?

When you using the shower doors for some time, you will see the water stains stay on a glass shower, they are dried water. And this really makes you feel bad. 

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So you have to clean this time to time. Someone thinks it is the worst cases during they cleaning homes. You can’t image how thick it would build up in such a short span.

About the time for scrubbing differs depending on the level of hard water deposits.

Every time you use the shower you will need to squeegee it, And of course clean your shower weekly with cleanser, and pour some vinegar down the drain to eliminate the smell of a dirty drain.

Easy way for cleaning, spray your showers doors with scrubbing bubbles. Next, take the sponge to scrub, rinse with cold water.

Or use a window scrubber and water to thoroughly clean off the paste mixture. Then dry the shower doors with the window squeegee and a paper towel. Check to make sure the soap scum is completely gone.

Some other products that does the trick is :

1. Dryer sheets are great for cleaning hard water stains off of glass. Supposedly fabric dryer sheets help.

2.Vinegar/baking soda and water is often all you need in a fairly mild case.

3. lemon oil

4. Soft scrub with bleach.also use a magic eraser and rinse well.

5.Dredged 1/2 a lemon in kosher salt and scrubbed it over the chrome. Let it sit for about 15-20 minutes, then rinsed and dried with a paper towel.

6. A little elbow grease and a sponge and its looks brand new!!

7.Denatured alcohol keeps glass, chrome, tile etc smooth, shining, and streak free. Keep it away from paint or any 'finished' wood surfaces though.

8. For those really tuff hard water deposits, I use chemicals,but it is harsh,so have to be careful.

You will feel super excited when you didn't see any hard water stains or soap scup left on your shower doors.

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