Alibaba Super September Purchasing Competition Of Foshan District

- Sep 18, 2019-

The Launching Ceremony Of Alibaba Super September Purchasing Competition Of Foshan District  was warmly and successfully held in 30th.Aug. 




Our group subordinated to the “Green Flood Dragon Legion” of Alibaba, sent out a storm troop led by Jeter Chan, the team leader, to rush the pass and captured the dragon flag successfully in the end.

 To continue our success sales generated more than a total of USD 2 million, an increase of 5 percent compared to the same time of last financial year, we offered customer-thankful price to worldwide market for not only popular styles but also elegant models.




You will never regret for selecting KMRY popular series styles with their consistently high quality and comparable global market price. And you will never regret to be KMRY Group’s customers.The most competitive prices during the “Alibaba Super September Purchasing ” will satisfy you with their more discounts.



All people of KMRY GROUP has got ready for delivering reliable service to anyone worldwide who joins us.