Why should shower doors be installed in the bathroom?

- Jan 20, 2020-

"Third Space"

The bathroom is the "third space" of people's home life, so it is extremely important in our lives. Developed to the present, the pattern of toilets: toilet (or squat pit), washbasin (ie bathroom cabinet), washing machine (large houses will have separate storage areas), faucet showers, integrated ceilings, etc. So why do we need to install a shower door in the bathroom?

PS: The shower door is a kind of shower room.

Gather heat

In winter, the most problematic problem is the problem of bathing. Wash it. Although it has hot water and Yuba, it still feels too cold (except for luxury houses); if you do n’t wash it, you will feel uncomfortable. Then the shower door plays a key role in our bathing: gathering heat

The shower door divides the large space of the bathroom into a small space for independent bathing. We know that the smaller space, the slower the energy (heat) is emitted, and then it will play a good role in collecting heat and keeping warm in this small space. With the shower door, you will fall in love with the shower in winter.

Wet and dry separation

In addition to the heat collecting function of the shower door, there is another very important function: separation of wet and dry

As mentioned above, the "third space" includes toilets, bathroom cabinets, washing machines, and so on. Because most of our bathroom cabinets are oak cabinets, they need to be waterproof and moisture-proof so that they can be used longer. Although there is no problem with the water in the washing machine, the outer surface of the washing machine will not dry if it is wet. The washing machine's shell life is severe, and it can also cause an electric shock.

Then, with the shower door, the water will not splash outside the bathing space when bathing, and will not affect bathroom cabinets, washing machines, and other products; it also saves the trouble of frequent mopping because the bathroom is full of water.