What should we pay attention to when buying the whole shower room?

- Jun 03, 2019-

What should we pay attention to when buying the whole shower room?

If you choose the overall shower room, you need to know that the appropriate is good. When choosing and purchasing, we should pay attention to several aspects:

First, the overall shower room technology content is relatively high, good choice of quality and after-sales guarantee of large brands.

2. Don't be greedy, just use enough. Because the general family toilet area is limited, too large shower room will take up too much space, giving people a sense of depression.

3. Consider the way to open the door. Opening methods are generally divided into external opening, flat opening (left-right sliding) and internal opening. Generally, when opening an external door, it is necessary to consider whether the actual area is enough.

4. Consider whether the height of the overall shower room and toilet is appropriate. The overall height of the shower room is generally about 2.1 meters, which needs to be increased by about 10 centimeters, so the actual height of the toilet should be higher than 2.2 meters, otherwise it can not be installed.

5. High bottom cylinder can surf and bathe, but if there are old people and children at home, they should try to choose low bottom cylinder, otherwise it is inconvenient to enter and exit.

In addition, in terms of installation, the whole shower room can be installed after the tiles are laid, and the owner should reserve the waterway circuit in advance when decorating. It should be pointed out that the bathroom should first install the shower room, and then install other supplies, otherwise there may be insufficient space to install the bathroom.

Shower room has become a common choice when many people decorate their homes. The appearance of shower room has changed people's living habits greatly. It not only makes bathing simple, but also becomes a kind of fun. The whole shower room is more praised by people.