What is the better material for the bathroom door?

- Jun 03, 2019-

What is the better material for the bathroom door?

A: Aluminum alloy with glass is good, grade is OK! Plastic steel door is durable, but the lock is too bad, grade is low!

B: The door with steel plate and wood core can be waterproof, but the style of the door is not many and there is little room for choice. The best bathroom is titanium and magnesium.

C: Alloy door is better. The toilet is mainly waterproof and high temperature resistant. Plastic steel is easily deformed at high temperature. If the bathroom is small,

Best D: Choose metal or plastic steel doors. If the bathroom area is more than 4 square meters, and the door is far from the shower location, you can choose wooden door. The drawbacks of metal or plastic steel doors are: the workmanship is slightly rough, and the color of bedroom doors is difficult to unify. Advantages: waterproof and moistureproof, not easy to deform, low cost. The disadvantage of wooden doors is that no matter how good the paint surface is, it can't hold up blisters all the time. Affected by air humidity, it is easy to deform and expand. Over a long period of time, the switch may not work properly. Advantages: Natural and realistic texture, good feel. Reflect the beauty of nature to the fullest.