What are the types of shower doors and their characteristics?

- Jan 18, 2019-

The shower door is a water-proof curtain that is placed in the bathroom. The general shower door is made of tempered glass and is made of other hardware. With the increasing pursuit of bathroom culture, the design of a simple shower room in the bathroom has become a fashion, and there are many manufacturers custom shower doors. What are the types and characteristics of shower doors? Please see the introduction of Xiaobian!

Shower door type:

  According to the way of the door switch, the shower door is divided into a slide rail type and a hinge type. The early shower doors were all sliding rails. Slides were installed on the base and top of the shower room. The shower doors were embedded in the slide rails to slide back and forth for switching. Since the rails are prone to fouling or falling into hard objects, it is not easy to clean, which may result in poor door opening and damage. Moreover, the slide rail itself has shortcomings such as short service life and high noise during pushing and pulling, so the shower door with higher grade has been generally upgraded to the hinge type. The hinged shower door is generally designed with a borderless design and is simple and smooth in appearance.

  The weight of the hinged shower door is completely carried by the hinge. Since the glass door is heavy, the quality of the hinge is very high, and it is required to be resistant to corrosion, fatigue and load. There are two kinds of hinges in different materials on the market: copper plating hinges and stainless steel die-cast hinges. Stainless steel die-cast hinges are slightly higher in appearance, strength and corrosion resistance. Therefore, more famous brands often use stainless steel. Die-cast hinges ensure safe use of the shower enclosure and extend service life.

 Shower door features:

 1, can be divided into separate bath space. Most of the residential toilets and washrooms in China are combined. It is a reasonable choice to install shower doors. This creates a relatively independent bathing space that avoids mutual influence and facilitates everyday life.

 2. Save space. Some family bathrooms have a small space and can't fit the bathtub, while the shower door saves a lot of space.

 3, with the shower door, the water will not splash outside when using the shower head to wet the entire bathroom floor.

  4, in the winter, the use of shower door can also play a role in insulation. The water vapor gathers in a small space, and the heat is not lost quickly, making people feel very warm. And if the bathroom is large and there is no shower door, even if there is heating, it often feels very cold.

  5, shower room door is rich in shape, fan-shaped, rectangular, is a very good ornament.

  The above is the knowledge of the shower door introduced by Xiaobian. The shower door is becoming more and more popular, adding a sense of beauty to your bathroom. I believe you will definitely choose a shower door that suits your family's overall style!