What are the tips for buying bathroom doors?

- Jun 03, 2019-

What are the tips for buying bathroom doors?

I believe everyone should know that the materials of bathroom doors in home are generally different from those of other indoor doors, not only in style, but also in material. Because of the unique characteristics of the bathroom, the use of bathroom doors is different, not that all the materials can be used as bathroom doors. Next, Xiaobian will introduce to you what kind of material is good for the door of the lower bathroom? What are the tips for buying bathroom doors?

What material is the bathroom door made of?

1. Plastic steel door is a kind of practical material. It can be used safely, but its appearance is not very beautiful.

2. The door with steel plate and wood core can be waterproof, but the style of the door is not many and there is little room for choice.

3. Choose the so-called aluminum alloy (also has Al-Mg-Ti alloy) material door, waterproof performance is good, the style is more, the color is rich, but the quality is not stable, other needless to say, light material thickness can see the quality of good or bad, as long as the quality is good, the use of this door should be a good choice;

4. Stainless steel plus glass doors, waterproof and use performance are good, but the price is relatively high, ordinary room decoration is not cost-effective.