What are the benefits of wet and dry separation in the bathroom

- Feb 24, 2021-

  Regarding the separation of dry and wet toilets, it generally refers to the separation of the dry space (toilet, Cabinet) and wet space (shower room) in the toilet. The separation of dry and wet is very important in the bathroom decoration, otherwise it will be easy to make the whole bathroom long-term damp, not only easy to make the floor dirty, but also easy to slip and make the wooden furniture damp. Therefore, the design of the dry and wet distinction is very important.

  1.Extend the service life of furniture

For wooden furniture, the moisture content of the surrounding environment has a great influence on the service life of wooden furniture. In addition, the humid environment is easy to breed wood insects, which are the direct killers of wooden furniture. For some decorative panels in the home, many are fiber materials. Although fiber materials are not easily corroded by water stains, if the environment is relatively humid, these fiber materials are prone to mold or other melanin fungi.

  2.Improve home safety

To keep the bathroom clean, it is actually important to separate the wet and dry. Although the shower curtain can block most of the water, the wet bathroom after bathing can still bring a lot of trouble. In terms of safety, the separation of dry and wet can prevent falls due to slippery bathroom floor.

  3.Avoid bacterial growth

Long-term contact of water vapor with furniture and building materials will cause the indoor environment to be humid, and humidity will cause bacteria to grow. Isolate water vapor to avoid the breeding of bacteria due to humidity, so the shower room is also a good choice.

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  4.Keep warmth

The wet and dry partition design can allow water vapor to gather in one space, which can better avoid heat diffusion. Compared with the bathroom without dry and wet partitions, the warmth retention is better.