Toughened Glass for Shower Room

- Jun 03, 2019-

Selection and Purchase of Toughened Glass for Shower Room

1, 3C certification

The 3C logo has a more basic quality assurance, and the label affixed is not as safe as the one printed directly on the glass by laser.

2. Thickness 6-8 mm

Too thin is not safe, too thick is not necessary, should choose 6-8mm safety glass, knock on the voice is clear, the surface is indistinct with lines.

3. Flat edge

Check the edge of glass before use to ensure no damage and smooth edge and corner treatment, in order to prevent the potential explosion after installation.

4. Look through Sunglasses

When choosing a shower room, wear sunglasses. If you can see the color stripes on the glass, it is safe tempered glass.

5. Focus on tape

In order to prevent the shower room from leaking air and water, its water tightness mainly depends on the sealing of rubber strips. When choosing a shower room, it is necessary to repeatedly check the tightness of rubber 6 and strips in the shower room.

Look at the tape and the tape, the tape between the glass door is very magnetic, there will be no breakpoint in the joint position, in addition, the tape should be replaced once in 1-2 years to solve the aging problem. Observation of the three major joints, mainly the joints between the shower room and the wall, the door and door, the shower room and the stone foundation and the bottom basin, pay attention to no cracks, no leakage of water test.