There are 7 kinds of kitchen faucets. Do you know what you know?

- Sep 25, 2019-

Some kitchen faucets also feature handheld showers and water purification. Due to the characteristics of the use, many faucets with a gooseneck shape (like a gooseneck curve) can be seen in the design. And depending on the method of installation, there are wall-mounted, seated (table and sink) installation types.

Types and characteristics of kitchen taps

Single handle mixing faucet

The hot and cold water is discharged, and a handle operation is performed with the water stop, which can adjust the operation of the hot water amount and temperature on the left and right sides of the operation type. It is widely used in the kitchen because it can be operated with one hand and is easy to use. There are many price and change designs, and most kitchens also use a single-handle faucet.

 Double handle (faucet) mixing faucet

The water volume and temperature can be adjusted by supplying two handles with hot and cold water. It can also be seen in imported products such as individual designs.

Mixing faucet with hand shower

I have to say that the pull-out faucet really facilitates the female dolls in the world! When washing your hair, pulling the faucet is a good helper, like a mini shower; you can also achieve long-distance washing, such as flushing the toilet, walls, etc., to save the clean people, don't be too good! In order to facilitate daily use, the kitchen faucet is preferably taller, and the spout is also longer, preferably extending above the drain and not splashing. Nowadays, there are hot water pipes in many kitchens, so it is best to choose double when purchasing. In order to meet various needs of use, most of the kitchen faucets can now achieve the left and right rotation of the faucet body, while the faucet part, the pull-type faucet can extract the faucet and facilitate cleaning to all corners of the sink, the disadvantage is that it is drawn out. A hand must be vacated to hold the faucet.

Water purification special tap / integrated faucet

In addition to hot and cold water faucets, some households will also be equipped with water purifiers

In addition to the usual faucet function, there is also a dedicated faucet for water purifiers. Install a filter element (purified water filter) under the counter, and a faucet of the type with a water purification filter. In addition, there is a hybrid faucet unit with integrated water purification.

Tips: the difference between front and end water purification

The central pre-filter is a total pipeline water purification product. It is installed in the water pipe to any exposed water pipe before the first water outlet in the house. The central pre-filter ensures that a large amount of sediment impurities generated in the water supply pipe network will not be applied to the human body. Injury, and pre-protection of water pipes and wading equipment installed on water pipes (such as water softeners, water purifiers, water purifiers or straight drinks machines).

The end water purifier is a small household water treatment equipment, which can effectively remove chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, algae and solid suspended matter in the water. The post-activated carbon will further remove various organic substances in the water and make the treated water Clear, clean, sterile, and improved mouthfeel, the end water purifier will be more widely used in the daily life of ordinary families.

It is equipped with a hand-held shower, rectification, and water purification.

Automatic faucet non-touch faucet

The non-contact faucet can stop draining without touching the faucet body. A sensor is present below the position of the spout to detect the proximity of the hand and the dish, thereby controlling the discharge of water, and the faucet automatically stops when leaving. There is also a type in which the sensor is placed on the upper part of the faucet to sense the water, and the water is stopped when the action is repeated.

In both cases, the sensitivity of the sensor is improved, and the number of easy-to-use products is gradually entering more families. Since it is not necessary to operate through the handle, even if both hands are occupied, the flow of water can be controlled. In cooking and cleaning, it is also very good to avoid oil stains on the hands or the faucet of the foam. It is a very popular sanitary type. Faucet.

Touch switch type (tap switch type) faucet

The top switch controls the drain type faucet. Touching the back of your hand or wrist makes it easy to operate even when your hands are occupied, so you can stop at any time.

During the cooking process, the handle may be soiled by hand. This type of hand is only OK through the palm, fingers, and back of the hand. Because it can often stop water with one button, it is excellent in water saving.

Dedicated faucet for Nakajima sink

The high-throwing gooseneck faucet used in the party-style Nakajima sink is decorated with decoration and design. It is a model of many domestic western kitchens and European and American kitchens.