The Shower Room,is it the larger the better ?

- Jul 31, 2018-

The Shower Room,is it the larger the better ?


The shower cabin,has to suits to your house.Actually,there is the standard about this.

Since the height of the houses nowaday is about 2.4 meter,and the shower enclosures in the market,

almost are 1.9 meter to 1.95 meter high.But of course,you also have to consider the shape of the shower stalls.

At present,the common shower enclosure in the market are diamond-shape,rectangle and fan-shape.

These 3 designs of the shower stall ,can take the good use of every space of the toilet.

Like The Diamond-shape Shower Cabin,the standard size are 900*900mm、900*1200mm、

1000*1000mm and 1200*1200mm.

The Rectangle Shower Cubicle is fit to the large toilet,so the size of this shape is 800*1000mm、900*1000mm、1000*1000mm,and the size of the rectangular shower box can be customized usually.

The Arc-shape Shower Booth, its standard size is 900*900mm、900*1000mm、900*1200mm、1000*1000mm、1000*1300mm、1000*1100mm and 1200*1200mm.

But of course,considering the integrated design,you have to consider the size of the toilet,including the location of the closestool,the bathroom cabinet,the towel holders and every part,so that you can design the perfect shower space,which can take the best use of every part in it.

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