The material of every part of the shower rooms

- Jul 31, 2018-

After the hard working ,everyone hope to relax themselves in the comfortable shower.

So some people like to build up a shower room in their house.Although the space of the 

toilet is not large,they also want to take the good use of every space of it.

So today,let’s talk about the material of the shower rooms.

First,The Glass,the main material of the shower rooms is the tempered glass,

there are different thickness of the tempered glass,like 6mm,8mm,10mm.

Of course ,choose the best tempered glass,equal to choosing the most safety shower rooms.

Like The KMRY Shower Room,adopts the best tempered glass,which has some certificate,like:

DIN EN 12150 , AS/NZS 2208:1996 , ANSI Z97.1-2004,BS6206


Second,The Hardware:the hardware is also related to the useful life of the shower rooms.


The Frame,is made from the stainless steel or the aluminum alloy or zinc alloy,

the quality of the material of this parts,also will affect the deformation of the shower rooms.

The Roller Wheels,The Track,The Hinges,this parts can decide if you can open and close 

the shower doors smoothly and easily.

Third,the Shower Tray,this part is optional,you can choose it according to you own specific situation.

Like The KMRY Shower Room,it provide 2 choices for the clients,you can choose the acrylic shower 

tray or the PVC water threshold.

Fourth,the water tight seal.

This can ensure the cleaning of the toilet and enhance the waterproof property.

And KMRY Shower Room adopts the best water tight seal,also,they will add the magnetic 

at the edge of the door,so that the doors can close automaticlly.

KMRY Shower Enlcosure,has the experience of manufacturing the shower rooms 

more than 10 years.We servise every clients with heart and soul.