The difference between the shower tray and the water threshold

- Jul 31, 2018-

The difference between the shower tray and the water threshold

The shower room is very useful for the toilet,especially for the one without the window.

It can separate the dry-wet area,can keep the toilet clean and tidy.

And the shower tray and the water threshold plays the important role in this.

Shower Tray:It is more luxury,the water tightness is better.

The shower tray adopts the acrylic as the material,being pressed several times to be moulded.

Be reinforced by the special resin to bond.Additional,adding the 304 stainless steel frame to 

adjust the level of it.Allocating the drainage, who has the feature of deodorization function,

to keep the shower room tidy and clean.And its skid proof feature is more safety for the users.

But you have to prepare the drainage before the installation.

The water threshold:it can stop the water from the shower room to flowing out to the toilet.

It is made from the stone,like the marble,the artificial stone and so on.

Also,some suppliers will adopt the PVC as material.

It is simple,fashionable,but the water tightness is not as good as the shower tray.

The users can choose the shower tray or the water threshold according to their own situation.

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