Shower room selection strategy?

- Jun 03, 2019-

Shower room selection strategy?

The shower room is popular with many consumers because of its moderate price, simple installation and complete functions, but the complex functions make it difficult for consumers to grasp when choosing. It is believed that some multi-functional shower rooms inevitably have the phenomenon of speculation concept, which should be paid attention to when choosing and purchasing.

1. First of all, style. There are many styles of shower room, including vertical corner shower room, zigzag bathroom screen and bathtub bathroom screen. When buying, you must choose the size of the whole shower room according to the size of your family room. The second is to look at the material.

2. Pay attention to steam engines and computer boards

When purchasing a shower room with steam function, attention should be paid to the steam engine and computer control panel. The core of this steam function is the steam engine. If the steam engine fails to shut down, it won't take long to break down. The computer control board is also the core part of the shower room. Because the function keys of the shower room are on the computer board, once the computer board is out of order, the whole shower room can not be activated, so when purchasing, we must ask about the warranty time of the steam engine and the computer board.