Selection of water-resistant material for bathroom

- Jun 03, 2019-

Bathroom reception is indispensable, pay attention to the selection of water-resistant materials

After that, the bathroom will inevitably receive toilet supplies. Besides the basic mirror cabinet and bathroom cabinet, if the space is enough, it is also suggested that the owner of the house can use glass or water-resistant foam board materials to customize high-depth receptacle cabinet to meet the needs of items. As long as the planning is proper, the bathroom will be beautiful and practical.

Moisture-proof: The door of the toilet is often in the humid environment, and it will decay unconsciously under the door frame. Therefore, it is considered to remove the damaged parts below, make proper repairs, and then insert stainless steel sheets around the doorframe, which can slow down or prevent the doorframe from decaying.

Anti-clutter: The washbasin can be nailed around 10 cm wide shelf washbasin put a lot of cleaning and sanitary products will appear disorderly, and easy to knock down, may as well nail 10 cm wide shelf around the washbasin, as long as you can put down the bottle, brush, Wash Cup and so on. Shelf height should not hinder the use of taps, shelf materials can be used wood, plastic, etc.