Selectable material for bathroom door

- Jun 03, 2019-

Selectable material for bathroom door:

Plastic steel doors; the door waterproof these are very strong, the price, generally tens of yuan have, more than 100 200 good, but, this kind of door own visual effect grade is low, many small restaurants use this kind of door, and it is easy to change color and deformation, so, unless it is a rental room and in reality there is no requirement for aesthetic decoration.

Generally, bathroom doors can be divided into three kinds because of different materials. Now I will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the three kinds of bathroom doors in detail for you. I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Advantages of plastic steel door: use assured, waterproof, cheap, dozens of pieces to 200 pieces have. Disadvantage: Not very beautiful, plastic steel door's own visual effect is relatively low grade, many small restaurants use this kind of door, and it is easy to change color and deformation.

2. Advantages of aluminium alloy doors: All aluminium alloy doors have one feature: strong waterproof, more styles, rich colors, and strong deformation resistance. And the cost is cheap, anti-fouling, moisture-proof, rust-resistant. Disadvantages: Aluminum alloy doors because of different materials, texture and bedroom doors are different, unstable quality, aesthetic is not too good, and the grade is very general.

3. Advantages of wooden doors: The greatest advantage of wooden doors is that they are consistent with the texture of bedroom doors, with high grade and the strongest aesthetic point of view. Disadvantages: Wood doors are not as waterproof and deformation resistant as aluminum doors. And the cost is high, but the waterproof of the wooden door is relatively strong. In fact, if the toilet door for decoration style requirements are not very high, the toilet is relatively small, simple style requirements, the best use of aluminum alloy doors. But if the style and matching requirements are relatively high or European or natural or antique, then we still need to use wooden doors, only the doors need to use solid wood or wood plastic.