Say goodbye to the wet and enjoy the soft, dry and warm towel!

- Mar 25, 2021-

    Rainstorms and typhoons make many people worried about this. Towels and bath towels are drying all over the room. Not only are they not dry, there is no place to dry, but they are also accompanied by the smell of damp. Especially our bathroom smells of mildew. In fact, an electric towel rack can solve everything.


·Keep the toilet dry to prevent bacteria breeding

    Toilet often best reflects the quality of life of a home, toilet is the most easy to dirty area, it is not like other areas, most of the dirt is on the surface, the real dirt of toilet is invisible to the naked eye. Toilet basin, toilet, washing machine, shower area, every equipment or electrical appliances are inseparable from water, which determines the characteristics of the toilet easy to be wet, and bacteria like this humid environment most.

    Over time, rust, mildew, odor and other phenomena are common. For many cities, it is humid all year round, and the sun can't even be seen in rainy season, so the degree of humidity can be imagined.

    To solve these problems, keeping dry is undoubtedly the best and most effective way. The use of electric towel rack is one of the best and most effective ways to keep dry.

·Drying towel

    Most of the traditional towel racks can only hang one or two towels, and do not have the function of heating and drying. I believe we all have this experience, dry towel wiped a few times, hand wiped a few times after the face, will also become wet and difficult to dry. It's normal for a towel that hasn't been changed for a long time to turn yellow and produce peculiar smell. If you use this kind of wet towel full of bacteria and mites to wipe your face and hands for a long time, will your skin be good? We must pay attention!

    The main drying function of electric towel rack can be easily realized. From then on, we will be accompanied by soft, fluffy and dry towel and bath towel every day!

·Dry clothes in rainy days

    In rainy weather, when we can't dry our clothes, the dryer provides us with too much convenience and comfort. However, for small clothes such as underwear, children's clothes, socks, and towels and bath towels, it's not worth using the dryer. The drying process is noisy and the speed is slow. Moreover, every time we run out of towels and bath towels, we turn on the dryer, It's a bit too much trouble!

    In contrast, the electric towel rack is much more convenient. You can easily wash small pieces of clothes, towels and bath towels. Just go up and do what you want. Don't forget to collect your clothes!


    Now the electric towel rack not only has the function of drying, but also can be used for heating. It is more than enough to be used as the heating equipment in the bathroom. Half an hour before taking a bath, the towel rack can be turned on for preheating, and after washing, there will be warm towel. Farewell to the cold, taking a bath in winter is no longer a tangled thing.

    In general, the electric towel rack is really a very worthwhile product. It's really not a little bit to improve the home experience and the quality of life!