Notices for Installation of Shower Room

- Jun 03, 2019-

Notices for Installation of Shower Room

Note 1: When carrying, the horizontal handling of the shower room is easy to break the glass. It must be vertical and carried by more than two people at the same time, and pay attention to avoid collision with hard objects.

Note 2: After the shower room packaging is opened and disassembled, please place the glass vertically against the wall smoothly. Horizontal or uneven placement may lead to glass damage, causing property damage or personal injury.

Notes 3: When cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to use acid, alkali, organic solvent chemicals and acid detergents, otherwise the product surface will be damaged; when using clean water or neutral detergents to clean the product surface, it can use a cleaning cloth soaked with a small amount of alcohol to remove the dirt that cannot be removed;

Attention 4: Acrylic plate has static electricity which can easily adhere to dust. When cleaning acrylic basin, only a little soap water dipped in cotton cloth can easily remove dust and achieve cleaning effect.

Note 5: When using sealed silica gel, do not apply silica gel on the surface of acrylic sanitary ware. If you accidentally apply a little, remember not to rush to wipe, so it is more difficult to remove, should wait for its curing gently removed, strictly forbid scraping with hard objects, otherwise it will lead to surface damage. After installation of the basin, it should be used after the silica gel is completely cured.