Material Selection of Bathroom Moisture-proof Material

- Jun 03, 2019-

Material Selection of Bathroom Moisture-proof Material

The design of bathroom ceiling mostly uses calcium silicate board, in addition, plastic-aluminium board can also be chosen. It is moistureproof after pasting surface material. It is suitable for use in shower room or directly above bathtub. In addition, diatom mud, one of the popular materials in recent years, has the function of moisture absorption and exhalation, and can also be used on the ceiling or wall of bathroom.

Open Design

Small bathrooms can be designed with an open design. In this way, in the same space can greatly save space, but also save water supply and drainage pipelines, concise and practical.

Use big color blocks boldly

Small bathroom can be bold to use white, red, black and other colors for segmentation, such as green mosaic walls, white sanitary ware, rose-red curtain, wooden barrels and toilets, such a strong combination of colors brings impact so that small space bathroom does not appear crowded. Moreover, bright colors have the function of visual expansion.