Know how to use it and how to maintain it. Smart toilet lid cleaning skills

- Apr 01, 2021-

  Smart toilet lids are entering more and more homes. This product has greatly improved our quality of life, but after buying home, how does the daily cleaning of smart toilet lids differ from ordinary toilet lids?  We all know that the toilet is a place where bacteria are prone to breed, and it is necessary to do a good job of daily cleaning.

  Cleaning instructions

  When cleaning and maintaining the smart toilet lid, be sure to unplug the power switch and make sure that the power indicator lights on the operating part of the body are all off.

Smart toilet cover

  Surface clean

  The toilet can be cleaned with a brush or sponge that is sold on the market with a neutral detergent and cold or warm water. When cleaning, pay special attention to the edge of the water circle and the drain under the water seal, because these two places are the most easy to hide dirt in the toilet. When the toilet lid is dirty, wipe it with a cloth dipped in a neutral detergent. Never use gasoline, pine perfume volatile liquid, acidic solvents or hot water to wipe the toilet lid. Another method is to replace the neutral detergent with vinegar, and then wipe the flushing water, and repeat this several times. For the water stop rubber of the toilet inlet valve, it is easy to age and fail in the place where the water quality is not good, so it must be taken out and cleaned frequently.

  Winter maintenance

  Smart toilet cover winter maintenance method: In winter, pay attention to maintaining the temperature in the bathroom above 3°C to prevent the water tank from freezing. Out-of-office maintenance method: disconnect the plug, remove the plug and release the water tank to store water.

  Spray nozzle cleaning

  Many nozzles use stainless steel pipe sleeves and plastic pipes, which are easy to breed a lot of bacteria at the joints. The water tank has a large amount of water. The water that is repeatedly heated in the water tank may produce nitrates and bacteria. Pay attention to frequent cleaning of the nozzles when using them. Ensure hygiene.

  Pay attention to waterproof

  The electronic eye of the smart toilet should avoid washing with water to prevent the possibility of wet water on the induction circuit board or short circuit of electrical appliances.