Kitchen faucet installation tips

- Oct 12, 2019-

How to install the kitchen faucet I believe that many friends will not be very strange, the faucet does bring a lot of convenience to our daily life, it becomes an indispensable part of family life. In fact, the installation of kitchen faucets is also very knowledgeable.

Single hole kitchen faucet installation:

Because the kitchen faucet is used more frequently, and it is moved and moved, it is easy to loosen, so the kitchen faucet mounting nut must be tightened. At present, some faucets appear on the market for the screw to increase the nut fixing, which has a relatively good stability effect.

Thermostatic kitchen faucet installation:

Before installing the thermostatic faucet, please check if the water pipe is left hot and cold right. Remember not to connect the hot and cold water pipes incorrectly, so as to prevent the faucet from working properly. Gas and solar water heaters cannot use thermostats because the water pressure is too low. Install the thermostat and remember not to forget to install the hot and cold water filter.

Single handle kitchen faucet installation:

Generally, the single-handle mixing basin faucet is shipped with the installation dimension drawing and the instruction manual. Before installation and use, the product packaging inspection accessories should be opened. General accessories should be equipped with: 1, a full set of fixed bolts and fixed copper and gasket; 2, a full basin to pull the water remover; 3, two inlet pipes. Then remove the faucet from top to bottom and left and right to move the handle. It feels light and easy to open and close with a slight and even block. Then check the plating surface with light, no bubbles, spots and scratches.