Installation of shower room

- Apr 13, 2017-

1. Prepare the necessary use tools.

2. Install the bottom basin: combine the bottom basin parts, adjust the bottom basin level, ensure the basin and the bottom of the basin without water. The hose can be scaled with distance and is firmly connected with the floor drain.

3. Test, protection: After the installation needs to be tested to ensure that water unimpeded. Fourth, find a bit, punch: with a pencil, horizontal ruler to determine the wall of aluminum drilling bits, with the impact drilling holes.

4. The installation of aluminum: at the drill hole to the typing of plastic particles, with screws to lock the aluminum strip wall.

5. Fixed glass: The glass clip is locked in the bottom of the basin drill hole, and then screw fixed.

6. The installation of the top tube: The fixed glass above the appropriate location to find drilling, mount (straight/oblique mouth) fixed seat and the top pipe. Fasten it to the top of the glass with the bend sleeve.

7. Install the rack: the registration position of an apparatus rack, screw-tight plate nut, fixed layer glass, maintain vertical and horizontal. Pay attention to the waterproof of the fixed glass aluminum.

8. Install the movable door: Installs the hardware of the movable door, installs the hinge to the fixed door reservation hole. After loading the position of the lotus leaf shaft core, to the best handle to the door.

9. Good waterproof: In accordance with the requirements of the glass side or below the installation of suction strips or water-blocking strips. Silica gel with the wall, the glass and the bottom of the joints of the seams.

10. Debugging, fastening: Check all parts of the use of comfortable and smooth, and found that the problem should be adjusted promptly. After adjusting the appropriate screw tight, make the whole shower room firmer.

11. Finishing the work: the decorative aluminum strip stuck in the wall of aluminum, to ensure that the appearance of neat and generous. Finally, use dishcloth to wipe the whole shower room clean.