Install the shower door, you need to know these things

- Oct 26, 2018-

Install the shower door, you need to know these things!


Many people have experienced the experience of the bathroom floor being wet and slippery, especially after the bath, the floor is full of shampoo, shower gel, falling hair, and people always have a sense of sight that will slip. Solving this kind of trouble is actually very simple, just install a suitable shower door.

The shower door appeared in the shower room, which originated in Europe and was introduced from Italy and Germany at the end of the last century. The shower door makes full use of the corner of the room, and the shower area is clearly divided by hardware and glass to form a relatively independent bathing space, so that the entire bathroom realizes reasonable functional division, thereby achieving the purpose of separating dry and wet and improving the quality of life throughout the home. The little emperor will take this shower door with you today.

First, the form is diverse

Shower doors come in a variety of forms, usually divided into a shape of a letter, a pentagon, an L-shape, a T-shape, and a circular arc. According to the frame, it can be divided into a frame, a frame, and a frame. When installing, you should determine the type of shower door by combining the size of the space, your own hobbies, etc.

Although the shower door has good dry and wet separation effect, the gap between the door panels is easy to produce dirt. After normal use, remember to rinse with water to avoid breeding bacteria.

Second, the location of the drain hole is very important

Before installing the shower door, please ask the professional master to pay attention to the difference between the position of the drainage hole and the ground, or provide a plan of the water and electricity pipeline to avoid the fact that the drainage hole is too far away to match the drainage inside the shower door. The shower room could not be properly collected and drained, and the shower door could not be placed after the bathtub was knocked out.

Third, reserve gaps to ensure safety

Nowadays, the price of shower doors on the market is about 1,000 yuan, and the thickness is 0.4~0.8 cm. If you are worried about insufficient thickness, you can add a frame between the door panel and the door panel. At the time of installation, please remember to reserve a gap of 0.5~1 cm above the door panel to prevent chest tightness and dizziness caused by air circulation during shower. When purchasing, you must pay more attention to the manufacturer's quality certification to avoid the risk of bursting due to high temperature or excessive water column strength.

The KMRY shower door is made of 304 stainless steel and high-strength manganese-magnesium alloy as the frame track, which is superior to ordinary materials in terms of tensile strength, strain at break and yield stress. The glass is made of automotive-grade tempered safety glass. The impact strength is 5 to 10 times that of ordinary glass. It is safe and durable, and has various styles. It is the preferred brand when you buy shower doors!