How to solve the leakage of shower room

- Apr 13, 2017-

First we need to know why the shower room is leaking?

Reason one, shower room leakage mainly appeared in its own product design, the general shower room has waterproof design function, but the time has long after the aging of the glue strip, at the bottom and the corner will appear leaking situation.

Reason two, but also some low-end shower room manufacturers, and no waterproof design. This type of shower room will often appear leaking phenomenon.

Three reasons, in the installation of the time is not in place, the stone matrix destruction or block water installation is not in place, or the floor drain plug, shower room water too much situation.

Reason IV, in the shower part of hot and cold water leakage of the damaged situation.

Solution of leakage of shower room

First check:

1, shower room ground water leakage (one thoroughly solved the tiles to re-laying off, both in the floor of the intersection of the surface of the tiles with cutting machine cut a 2-3MM concave and then with porcelain white neutral glass glue again, save 3-5 years, but not long). The general shower room is through the glass glue to achieve waterproof, if is good shower room, generally does not appear the leakage problem, even if there is a point, a little bit of glass glue can solve the problem. The general shower room can only rely on a large number of glass glue.

2, Shower room border glass glue is degumming (heavy glass glue);

3, cold, hot water pipes have no leakage (pressure pump pressure test);