how to fix a sagging shower door

- Aug 20, 2018-

Opening and closing the shower doors time and time again, rough handling and humidity can cause the hinged shower doors to sag. Typically, this sagging occurs on the door's handle side. When a shower door sags, it is nearly impossible to close it snugly, if at all. The door and frame will be damaged, as well as water damage to the floor. To avoid sagging shower doors, tighten the door screws regularly and avoid slamming the door.

Today,let’s talk about how to fix a sagging shower door

Firstly,prepare the instrument,like: a screwdriver, hammer and scrap wood and so on.

Secondly, clean the mold and mildew from the cracks and crevices while you are at it,

Then,let’s start the repairing job:

1.Loosen the screws in the corners of the shower door and the door handle. Open the shower door.

2.Place a two-by-four block of wood beneath the door's outer, bottom corner.

3.Wedge plywood or a wood shingle shim between the block of wood and the bottom of the door.

4.Hold a small block of wood against the bottom corner of the door, near the edge. Tap the wood up against the bottom of the door several times with a hammer. Make sure that the shim is wedged in tightly. Repeat the wedging and tapping as necessary.

5.Re-tighten all of the screws. Remove the shim and two-by-four block from beneath the door. Close the shower door. If the door is still out of alignment with the frame, loosen the screws and repeat the procedure. One or two tries are usually sufficient.