How to choose the whole bathroom:

- Jun 03, 2019-

How to choose the whole bathroom:

1:Measure the size and decorative style of each area of the toilet. Especially for toilets, if they absorb water, it is easy to inhale dirt and odor from water into ceramics, which can not be removed for a long time.

2: When choosing and purchasing, we should first think of the matching products. All parts and accessories of the whole set of products should be at the same level. The style and tone of the matching products must match the toilet decoration style so as to be harmonious and beautiful.

3: Select the appropriate size of toilet products, determine the drainage mode, installation size and other toilet products and toilet size, style is consistent. Look, you can choose to carefully observe the reflection of the surface of the sanitary ware products from the side under strong light. It is better that there are no or few trachoma and pitting on the surface.

4: Touch, you can gently rub your hands on the surface, feel smooth and delicate, you can also touch the back, feel the'sand'fine friction is better.

5: Listen, you can tap the ceramic surface with your hands. The sound of a good ceramic material being tapped is relatively crisp. When there is a hoarse sound, there may be cracks.

6:Ratio, mainly in the examination of water absorption, the lower the water absorption, the better. Ceramic products have certain adsorption and penetration ability to water. If water is absorbed into ceramics, it will produce certain expansion, which will easily cause the glaze surface of ceramics to crack due to expansion.

Through the introduction above, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the overall bathroom, the overall bathroom fashion, but in the decoration, different decoration materials, different decoration companies, different decoration styles, prices are different, so, before decoration, we should go to a comprehensive understanding.