How to choose the right shower room according to your toilet?

- Jul 31, 2018-

How to choose the right shower room according to your toilet?

Shower Doors have different shape,different frame,different open style.Every type has its own merit.

Today,let’s talk about which shape of the shower enclosures is suitable for your toilet .

The shower cabins includes 5 types in the market,Line-shape,diamond shape,sector shape,square and rectangle shape.

Line-shape:economical and practical,it is fit to the toilet whose width is not large.

Line-shape shower screen usually occupy one side of the wall or the corner side,it needn’t the shower tray,you just need to add the water threshold,it is economy,and very practical.

The Square and the Rectangle Shape:The toilet has to be large.

Compared with other types of the shower cubicle,these 2 types are larger,it is more easier to clean,but the toilet has to be large ,upright and foursquare.

The Diamond-shape shower stall,it is fit to the small toilet or the corner,whose shape is irregular.

This type of the shower room can take the good use of the corner of the toilet,also it can left the enough space for the passage out of the shower room.

The Fan-shape shower cubicle,with the elegant line,give you the soft feeling,you can choose add the shower tray or not,it is fashionable.But the price is a little high .

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