How to choose glass door floor spring?

- Jun 03, 2019-

How to choose glass door floor spring?

1. When choosing the ground spring glass door, we should first pay attention to the size of the ground spring. In fact, the ground spring is not the bigger the better, but to choose the appropriate ground spring to install. Ground springs are selected according to the height and weight of the door, and can be selected according to the formula: height (m)*width (m)*glass thickness (mm)*2.56. The calculated weight unit is kilogram (KG), so that the suitable ground springs can be selected.

2. Generally, the ground spring will have 500,000 times of opening, so when we choose to buy, we should test to see if it meets the standard, and generally there will be test reports.

3. Choose floor springs and cover plates with requirements. The cover of the floor spring must be strong. The floor spring cover plate is designed downward at 30 degrees around to make the switch smoother; the quality also requires that the floor spring can be effectively insulated, rust-proof, waterproof, insect-proof and corrosion-proof by filling in environmental protection filler; the brand also requires that when the floor spring leaves the factory, there will be a white protective film on the cover plate, similar to the protective film on the mobile phone screen, but not transparent and white. The authentic floor spring has a formal certificate of qualification, so that it can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or from the exclusive store.

How much is the price of glass door and floor springs? The above is a brief introduction about the price of glass door and floor springs. You can make a reference. It may not be comprehensive, detailed or to inquire in the physical shop. How to choose glass door floor spring? There are many details to pay attention to when choosing floor spring. According to its size, how many times can it be switched, and the qualified rate of the inspection report, these can not be underestimated. I hope you should pay more attention when choosing and purchasing floor spring.