How to choose a shower room?

- Jun 03, 2019-

How to choose a shower room?

1. The choice of shower room is closely related to the bathroom space. The size and decoration style of the bathroom directly determine and influence the layout and style design of the shower room.

2. At present, the main types of shower rooms on the market are corner shower rooms (including arc, fan, diamond, knife, square) and one-character shower rooms. Which style to choose depends mainly on the bathroom pattern. Generally speaking, corner shower room is installed in the corner area which is not handled well in the bathroom. It saves space relatively. Narrow and long bathroom is suitable to choose one-shaped shower room. Non-standard shower room can be flexibly designed and customized according to the actual space characteristics of the room, that is, tailor-made, with greater flexibility.

3. Consumers should pay attention to the area of bathroom and toilet, the placement of wash-table before choosing and purchasing, measure and plan before basic decoration, and reserve the space position of shower room. Otherwise, it is inevitable to rework or cause inconvenience for future use. Today's shower room space has more functions of distinguishing dry, wet area and changing clothes. Open top-quality shelves can place dry towels, clothes and so on. Only by choosing a good design before purchase can we make better use of it. Suggestions can let professionals door-to-door measurement design.

4. According to the shape, the shower room has two main designs: frameless and framed. The color of the frame is blue, placer gold, bright silver, sand silver, black and so on. The color is rich and varied for consumers to choose and buy. Among them, bright silver and sand silver are the dominant consumption. Most consumers like transparent tempered glass shower room, the product itself and the surrounding environment collocation is strong, give people a clean, generous feeling, while increasing the permeability of the whole toilet. There are also some old people or traditional people, like cloth pattern or color crystal shower room, the former looks like cloth, more monotonous, affordable, and the latter has gorgeous patterns, rich cultural flavor. The big advantage of the opaque shower room is that family members can use the bathroom at the same time.

5. According to the way of sliding door switch, shower room is divided into sliding track type, hinge type and folding type. Slide-rail and hinged sliding doors are easier to save space. Therefore, the selection of shower room must be based on their own bathroom characteristics to choose this independent landscape.