How to choose a bathroom shower door? Which is better

- Jan 28, 2019-

The bathroom is not only a place for us to take a bath, but also a place where we usually go to the bathroom, so we often do wet and dry areas. So how do we choose for the shower door? Which style is better?

Framed VS frameless

The shower door is divided according to the outer frame design and can be divided into two types: framed and frameless. There are framed shower doors, the frame material is mainly aluminum or aluminum titanium alloy, which is a more economical style, but because of the thick structural lines, it is easy to cause visual division and pressure.

In contrast, the frameless shower door is a more modern and light-weight design. It has no traditional frame material. It is fixed with metal levers and hinges. It has a neat appearance and a modern feel. It can keep space. Translucent and light, but the price is relatively high.

Sliding door VS swing door

Under normal circumstances, the shower door can be divided into two types: sliding door and door opening according to the opening method. When purchasing, it is recommended to consider the size of the space to determine the type of opening. If the bathroom space is limited, the sliding door type can save space; the second is the front and rear opening type, and the inner sliding door is suitable for the bathroom with a small number of floors. It does not occupy the activity space, and can avoid the drops of water falling into the dry area; the anti-extra push method requires sufficient space for the inconvenience of use.

Design the shower door according to the shape of the shower room

One word

The one-line shower door is the most space-saving. It can be combined with two-door, three-door or push-gate design according to requirements. Even a small space can realize the dream of separating wet and dry bathroom.

L type

The use of a corner of the space to set up an L-shaped shower door is also a common style on the market. The transparent glass material can make the vision transparent and open, without worrying about the space pressure.

Arc type

The curved sliding door is used as the door piece design. The streamline arc shape does not occupy too much space, and the appearance is simple and beautiful. The door opening method is mainly based on the track sliding door, and the selection is more restrictive.


The pentagonal shower room, also known as the diamond shower room, is equipped with a glass sliding door in the middle, and the glass is used as a compartment on both sides. The scale is relatively spacious, like a diamond cutting shape, generous and modern, and enhances the texture of the bathroom space. .

Bathtub type

By adding a shower door directly to the bathtub, you can create a bathroom function with a bath and a shower area. The space is more flexible and diverse, which is quite practical for small units.

The above is Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the comparison of various shower doors, you can choose the most suitable shower door according to the actual situation!