How to buy shower room

- Apr 13, 2017-

Shower room handles, levers, hinges and other accessories should not be ignored, because tempered glass if there is a small corner damage to the whole block will automatically burst, high-end shower room in the structure of the bathroom with a great emphasis on the adjustment of the function design, such as the wall has the vertical and horizontal adjustment function, can be corrected by the cement and installation of the deviation caused by. Its hardware accessories more copper fittings and stainless steel fittings, to 304 stainless steel best. The important factor influencing the quality of copper fittings is the quality of electroplating, all plating parts (including plastics) must be guaranteed to be plated with seven layers. The first layer of alkali copper plating, the second layer of copper plating (using the world's best imported South Africa Rubber Copper), the third layer of copper plating (three layers of copper plating different properties, the purpose is to wash more than once, and trim the surface of the copper pieces of tiny pinhole, the fourth layer of semi-plated nickel, five-layer nickel plating all light ni, six-layer nickel front, (because of the element of nickel surface is honeycomb, Must be coated two layers of different properties of nickel to each other to amend the concave point, so that the product surface to avoid black spots, pinhole, such as quality problems, the seventh layer of chromium plating, to prevent corrosion to keep the light, improve the hardness and wear resistance, the surface of the electrical paint treatment, more wear-resistant The eighth floor of 12 hours seal oil, protect all coatings, to ensure the plating layer and substrate service life.

The surface will not appear black spots, foaming, delamination and other undesirable phenomena.
Stainless steel fittings are mainly good hardness, high bearing capacity, not easy oxidation, beautiful high-end, easy to maintain, long service life.