How to buy a shower room?

- Jun 03, 2019-

How to buy a shower room?

1. Do not covet price. Be sure to purchase products marked with detailed production plant name, site and commodity certificate. The main material of shower room is toughened glass, and automobile toughened glass is the best. The quality of tempered glass varies greatly, and there are great potential safety hazards in fake and inferior tempered glass. Some manufacturers cut corners to produce semi-toughened or hot-bended glass in order to reduce costs, which has laid hidden dangers for everyone's safety. Therefore, when choosing the shower room, we must pay attention to whether there is 3C certification on the corner of the glass. Automobile toughened glass has uniform toughening, strong impact resistance and good permeability.

2. Aluminum, Hardware Accessories

The skeleton of shower room is usually made of aluminium alloy. The national standard thickness is 1.2m, better than 1.2m, so the door is not easy to deform. Aluminum alloy or ABS engineering plastic profiles are used in the frame, guide rails and small fittings for carrying glass screens are avoided to use iron products to avoid rusting. At the same time, pay attention to check whether the ball bearing is flexible, whether the door opens and closes conveniently and lightly, whether the frame assembly is made of stainless steel screw and other accessories. Frameless shower room also need to pay attention to check the sealability of waterproof tape and the nesting between hardware and glass is good, the sample sealability of shower room can reach the level of refrigerator is better.

3. Chassis Selection

The shower room is divided into two types: high basin and low basin. With a cylinder can sit, a multi-purpose cylinder, laundry, water, etc., the shortcomings are too high threshold, access and sanitation troubles. In contrast, the low basin is concise and the price is lower than the high basin. Chassis texture has acrylic, artificial stone, marble and so on. Artificial stone chassis has good texture, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and long service life.

4. See care and after-sales service.