Glass door replacing glass door floor spring:

- Jun 03, 2019-

Glass door replacing glass door floor spring:

1. First of all, the sandwich board on the glass door should be removed with a screw, and then the glass door should be lifted. Remove the top four screws of the floor spring with a screw, and then remove the floor spring. Then record the deviation value of the glass door floor spring and mark the standard position cross line at the place where the new floor spring needs to be replaced.

2. Then chisel out the damaged ground spring and the surrounding groove pits, and wipe the remaining ash with a wet cloth immediately after cleaning. Then brush around the pit with banana water to make it wet and brush once with plain cement slurry or interfacial agent.

3. Put the new ground spring in position according to the marked cross-line position, and fix it with small wooden wedges around it. The high and low positions are lined with different specifications of reinforcing steel head.

4. Mix 1:15 cement according to the requirement, coarse sand "dry hard cement mortar", the degree of dryness is based on the feeling of wetness by hand, too wet to play the role of instant fixed ground spring, and then fill in the slot and pit layers, with the filling of hammer and steel Mason tapping dense, the position of the spring should be checked hierarchically in the real operation process, if there is displacement phenomenon, adjust at any time.

5. The hammer will be hammered flat after filling until it is at the level of the ground. Then the hammer will be smoothed with a little water and the hammer will survive. If there is a floor tile layer, as long as a thin layer of cement slurry is poured on the rough surface layer, the floor tile layer can be inlaid.

6. Before and after the completion of the inspection, there are no errors in the left and right, high and low deviations and so on. Cover it with a layer of plastic cloth to keep the water from losing.

7. The next step is to install a new floor spring, the same as the installation method. If you can't do it yourself, you have to ask someone to help you.

These are the steps for replacing the floor spring of the glass door. If we can install it correctly, it can be used well. If there are deviations, it will have a great impact on the switch of the glass door. Above is what Xiaobian brought to you. I hope it can help you.