Get some ideas about the types of shower room

- Sep 02, 2018-

Get some ideas about the types of shower room

Functionally, The shower enclosures can be classified as two types , the simple shower room and the overall shower room. The simple shower room is the most common product, and it can be customized according to the actual situation, but it can only achieve the effect of wet and dry partition. The overall shower room can achieve bathroom versatility, generally less custom-made.

 The Simple shower room

The simple shower room is made up of glass, water strips and hardware. They are linked to each other and can keep the water in a separate space. The area except the shower room is still very dry.

This kinds of shower room has the most basic function - separating the wet and dry areas of the bathroom. Moreover, it also could be customized to the actual situation,it has different styles and shapes

The Overall Shower room

The overall shower room is generally based on fixed specifications and styles, some are with a control system to operate a range of functions, so it is rarely customizable. The quality requirements of the overall shower room are more stringent.