Five trends of "shower room"

- Apr 13, 2017-

(a) changes in consumer perceptions and consumer groups of shower room products

Shower room products from the past pursuit of luxurious bathroom products (massage cylinder, steam room) into practical demand. Consumers in the use of the process requires rapid, water-saving, time and save space. Thus in recent years shower room product line, enter more and more families, regardless of luxury suites, five-star hotels or ordinary suites, civilian households. Shower room product with average 20%~25% speed is increasing. This gives us a lot of space for our shower room market. According to statistics, the existing real estate projects in the bathroom package, as well as the new star hotel, shower room products accounted for more than 80%%.

(ii) New growth points in the vast countryside and second-tier cities

As the country demands the process of rural urbanization, more and more peasants will become urban residents. The applicable shower room will be their important choice. Their consumption capacity will gradually emerge, improve the living environment, improve the quality of life is becoming the urgent need of urban residents. Therefore, shower room manufacturers may wish to target market positioning of second-tier cities and the vast rural areas, where there is a promising.

(3) Strengthen product support, provide quality service

Customer's consumption concept is changing to the "one-stop" bathroom accessory direction. Therefore, if it is like before the light of shower room single product singles alone, can not be spared, unable to long-term foothold. Between manufacturers can be the exchange of complementarity, strong. Manufacturers must strengthen the depth and lateral support, with one-stop service to attract customers.

(iv) Product development

1. High-end product development. For some high-end customers, the development of high-end products to meet high-end demand. 2. The sanitary ware of rural and ordinary households, designed to provide marketable simple products to meet the needs of ordinary families, affordable houses. 3. Non-standard modifications, shower room to be able to fit a wide range of huxing, now almost all the shower room, including engineering orders are non-calibration.

(v) Shower room products conform to the National industrial Policy

Shower room products are the necessities of people's lives. Energy saving, water saving, environmental protection, the advantages of the tide, become the necessities of people's lives. At the same time in line with the national industrial policy, should be vigorously developed to meet market demand.