Dimensions of common shower rooms:

- Jun 03, 2019-

Dimensions of common shower rooms:

The shower room on the market has arc, fan, diamond, square and other types. If the bathroom is large, you can consider all kinds of shower rooms you like, which can be both beautiful and comfortable. Different types of shower room have corresponding size of shower room. The following is the introduction of different types of shower room size.

1. Dimensions of drill shower room:

The standard sizes of diamond shower rooms on the market generally have four specifications: 900*900*1950mm, 900*1200*1950mm, 1000*1000*1950mm, 1200*1200*1950mm.

2. Dimensions of sector shower room:

Standard arc sector shower room size: 900*900mm, 900*1000mm, 900*1200mm, 1000*1000mm, 1000*1300mm, 1000*1100mm, 1200*1200mm. Non-standard sizes are 850*900*1950 mm, 950*950*1950 mm, 850*1000*1950 mm and 900*1100*1950 mm. If you want to make it more practical, you can customize it according to any size, mainly depending on the bathroom layout. Of course, this kind of specially customized fan-shaped shower room is more troublesome to build, and the relative price will be more expensive.

3. Dimension introduction of square shower room:

Square shower room is a very common type of shower room on the market. Generally speaking, the standard size of square shower room is 800*1000mm, 900*1000mm and 1000*1000mm.