Customized shower room

- Jun 03, 2019-

Customized shower room

Customization has become the main choice for many owners to purchase materials, such as wardrobe customization, door and window customization, shower room customization and so on. What is the custom-made shower room of the simple shower room manufacturer?

Customized Shower Room Types 1. Non-standard Design

Non-standard design, as its name implies, is non-standard size design. According to the requirement of the demander, it is more difficult to design according to a certain size range without changing the quality of the product than to design the standard size. It takes a certain amount of knowledge accumulation and work experience to achieve it.

Non-standard can be divided into normal non-standard and abnormal non-standard. The main non-standard objects are glass, aluminium, tie rod, handle, wall clip, hinge, etc.

Customized Shower Room Type 2, Positive Standard

It refers to the products with uniform specifications and standards manufactured according to the relevant standards set by the company.

Customized shower room types 3. Normal non-standard

Normal non-standard refers to the change of glass style or length, width, height, size and thickness of shower room in a certain range without changing product quality; the change of handle to other types of handle, rod to other shapes of tie rod, etc.

Customized shower room type 4, abnormal non-standard

Abnormal non-standard refers to the shower room which changes the standard of original fittings or adopts special fittings combination, including combination shower room and large glass curtain wall. Abnormal non-standard is more difficult, depending on the specific situation.

The shower room can be divided into vertical corner shower room and rectangular shower room. However, it is worth noting that because the base of the shower room needs molds, it can only be standardized, and belongs to the non-standardized list of tailor-made, usually do not match the base, using mosaics, tiles and other paving the floor and walls of the shower room, splicing out various patterns in different styles, to highlight the owner's preferences and taste, which is also a major feature of the custom shower room. Color.