Bathroom decoration matters needing attention?

- Jun 03, 2019-

Bathroom decoration matters needing attention?

1. Ventilation, in the bathroom decoration design, we must pay attention to maintaining indoor ventilation, otherwise the odor and odor generated in the bathroom can not be dissipated, will lead to indoor air become turbid, thereby affecting the health of users. If the bathroom space is small, a change fan can also be set directly at the window to ensure the circulation of indoor and outdoor air.

2. Ground with gradient, in order to ensure the smooth flow of water in the bathroom, when decorating the bathroom floor, it should be designed with some gradient. Otherwise, it is easy to produce water in the bathroom, which brings unnecessary troubles and troubles to the residents, and brings certain economic losses.

3. Circuit distribution. In bathroom, which is often in contact with water, we should pay attention to the installation of electric wires and pipes. Otherwise, it is easy to cause circuit faults and short-circuit problems. If serious, it will also cause potential safety problems. Connections and bolts should not be exposed directly, and lamps and switches should also be used with safety protection functions to increase the safety of electricity use.

Above is for the bathroom decoration design how to do a good look made some related introduction, the article tells you a very clear, we can teach you the above things applied to practice, you can better look at the bathroom design, and also know what the bathroom decoration considerations, then the engineering team in decorating the bathroom for us can put these things. West noticed it himself.