Bathroom decoration matters needing attention?

- Jun 03, 2019-

Bathroom decoration matters needing attention?

1. In order to decorate the bathroom more quickly and perfectly, it is suggested that professional interior designers should be invited to plan and design the bathroom before decoration and draw sketches to facilitate the later construction arrangement.

2. If the bathroom space is large, the door, tent and door can be used to separate wet and dry. Generally, the bathroom and defecation are placed in one room, while the washing and laundry are placed in another room. The small household bathroom usually combines washing, bathing, laundry, defecation space in the same space, using bath curtain or shower screen for simple dry-wet separation.

3. Shower occupies much less space than bathtub, so if it is a small household bathroom, try not to choose bathtub; and wall-mounted bathroom cabinet or toilet, pillar-type table basin and so on can save a lot of bathroom space; in addition, for the bathroom with smaller space, it is also very important to make full use of space such as corners to improve the utilization rate. There are many special-shaped design sanitary products on the market, such as L-shaped, polygonal and arc steam shower room, bathtub and so on.

4. Need to be fully aware of their functional requirements for the bathroom, while taking into account their own budget decoration costs. On the wall beside the washstand, a power supply position should be left for the use of the wind drum and electric toothbrush, but not too close to the water source.

5. Whether the location of water heater, exhaust fan and fittings is reasonable or not. Reserve storage location or space. If there are glass intervals or bathroom doors, toughened glass should be used to ensure safety. Leave as little sundries as possible, so as not to hide stains and maintain air circulation.

Looking at the introduction above, I believe that you all know what to do about the blockage of the bathroom sewer, the matters needing attention in the bathroom decoration are almost the same. There are many reasons for the blockage of the bathroom sewer. We can solve the simple reasons by ourselves. If the blockage is large, please find professional personnel to solve it in time.