8 great tricks to teach you to take care of the bathroom mirror

- Nov 20, 2019-

The bathroom is characterized by dampness. In addition to requiring the bathroom to have a good moisture barrier, we also need proper maintenance to make the furniture durable. Let's take a look at how to maintain the bathroom mirror.

[1] The mirror should be placed in a dry place to avoid being affected by moisture. Do not touch or wipe the mirror with a wet hand or a damp cloth, so that the mirror is damp, causing the mirror's light layer to deteriorate.

[2] Mirrors should not be exposed to acids, alkalis and oils, which are prone to corrosion.

[3] The mirror should be wiped with a soft dry cloth to prevent the mirror surface from being rubbed.

[4] The frame should be wiped with a soft cotton cloth or cotton to prevent the frame from rusting.

[5] Before the bathroom mirror, the bathroom mirror can be applied with soap on the surface, and then wiped with a dry cloth. A soap film is formed on the mirror surface to prevent the mirror surface from being blurred.

[6] The mirror is afraid of moisture because the mirror glass is generally cut before it is used. Water vapor easily enters the mirror from the cut side, corrodes the mirror surface, and produces mildew and rust spots. In order to prevent this, the user can apply a layer of paint on the side of the mirror after buying the mirror, and also apply a layer on the back.

[7] Apply a proper amount of cleansing gel or astringent lotion or detergent to the mirror with a dry rag and spread evenly. The active ingredient contained in the detergent can effectively prevent the water vapor from condensing on the mirror surface of the bathroom, and can play a good anti-fog effect.

[8] Wiping the bathroom mirror with oil-absorbing paper, the effect is very good. In addition, there are currently anti-fog mirrors on the market, mainly coated anti-fog mirrors and electric anti-fog mirrors. The former prevents the fog layer by coating micropores; the latter increases the mirror surface humidity by electric heating, and the mist rapidly evaporates, thereby forming a fog layer, but the value of such a bathroom mirror is expensive.