3 great benefits of using shower room

- Apr 13, 2017-

First, shower room more sanitary than bathtub

Most of the bathtub in the market is made of artificial organic materials, namely acrylic, rich in modelling, light weight, good gloss, low price, warm effect, this is the biggest selling point. The surface is prone to dirty, water, and the sound of a particularly large. And, acrylic bathtub in the use of more than 3 years of basic discoloration, this is ordinary. But another kind of embedded bathtub is easy because of the hair and other things caused blockage, repair inconvenience. and Tak fai shower room adopts tempered glass, imports 304 stainless steel and pure copper hardware components, relatively easy to clean, do not leave sanitary corners.

Second, the shower can save water one-third than the bath

Because in the bathtub is first put out the water, Bath also need to constantly put in hot water, bath after the need to wash again, more waste water. Shower room with a relatively fast, save time, shower after the direct water rinse shower room, convenient, fast, compared to the provincial water.

Third, the acupoint "massage"

The use of water pressure, as the auxiliary power of massage, to achieve weight loss effect. Sprinkle the flowers to the largest, the outlet distance from the body 10-15 cm advisable. Shower concentrate on the body fat more parts of the leaching, the best way is to heat and cold water alternately better. Every time a shower insist on doing this exercise, also can change the fat parts of the fatigue to take the shower, as long as perseverance can achieve qingshenjianfei the effect of the body. With your slender jade finger, you are very beautiful, shower massage help your dream come true. Want to lose weight at the same time have a good skin, can be evenly coated body bath lotion, and then from the bottom to the start massage.